Figure depicts many birds sitting on the horizontal bars.imgIntegrators in Hell: How to Stop Killing Their Potential

An Integrator we know and love, Hans, once embarked on a career journey that seemed like it could be the trip of a lifetime, but turned out to be a bust. He joined up with a boss who, let's just say was not his ideal work companion. In fact, when things really started to heat up, Hans wished he'd never decided to work with him at all.

Things started out all right when Hans was hired. He was excited about the new opportunity he'd been offered to build out the company's sales network and the work seemed interesting and engaging. His boss was smart and successful and, as Hans developed his own skills and career, he thought his boss would be a great coach. But as the first days turned into weeks, Hans soon grew concerned.

His boss never said, “Good morning” or “How was your weekend?” He didn't ask Hans about his family or where he grew up or went to college. He didn't even ask about his goals and aspirations. He didn't ask much of anything at all.

That included not asking for Hans's thoughts, opinions, or input. His boss told him things, and when Hans asked questions, whether work-related or a little more personal, the look his boss gave him seemed to say, “Why do you need to know that?” Hans felt his boss wasn't interested in ...

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