2Personal Development

Photo illustration of a man (side view) with arms raised in the front is seen standing at the center of a huge presentation hall.

Understanding who you are is the first step to success. Know your weak points, and think about how you can continue to grow.

11 Push yourself like a professional (athlete) does

Be passionately professional about your job, no matter what it is.

People who enjoy their job more than anything else are the ones who can be called true professionals. They love it so much that they think about their job all the time, all year round, no matter what they're doing. There's no need to teach people like that the secrets of success—they're already successful. Consider an athlete like Jack Nicklaus and you can see what a lifetime of professional level effort can do, both on and off the golf course. This kind of athlete is a passionate professional.

There's nothing better than a life given meaning by the joy of work. I'd go so far as to say that we are born into this world to work. The problem is what to do when you just can't think of your work in those terms. In fact, to a certain degree, this mental challenge applies to all of us.

Perhaps you're not passionate about your current job. Or maybe you'd really prefer to be doing something else. There are lots of different reasons why this happens, but before you spend time considering all those different reasons to leave, first try putting your all into the work you are doing right now. After having put all your energies ...

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