Appendix D. Source Code Licenses

NB:This software will not save the world.

—Jim Crafton


The source code contained in the ace directory is copyrighted by Douglas C. Schmidt and his research group at Washington University and, unless otherwise noted, is distributed under the following license.

  Copyright and Licensing Information for ACE(TM) and TAO(TM)   [1]ACE(TM) and [2]TAO(TM) are copyrighted by [3]Douglas C. Schmidt and   his [4]research group at [5]Washington University, Copyright (c)   1993-2001, all rights reserved. Since ACE and TAO are [6]open source,   [7]free software, you are free to use, modify, and distribute the ACE   and TAO source code and object code produced from the source, as long   as you include this copyright ...

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