Chapter 3 The Rise of Chatbots Personal Concierges for Your Website Visitors

Picture this: It’s Sunday, 2 a.m., and all of your company’s marketers and sales reps are sound asleep, dreaming about meeting (and exceeding) their lead generation and revenue goals.

Meanwhile, halfway across the country, an executive from a billion-dollar firm is on your company’s website. She starts on the homepage but eventually navigates to your company’s pricing page, where she spends several minutes reading about the different product plans you offer.

Then she leaves your website. She doesn’t fill out a form, she doesn’t interact with anyone at your company, and when your marketers and salespeople go into the office on Monday morning, they have no clue that an executive from a billion-dollar firm had even been on your company’s website, let alone on the pricing page.

Now, picture this slightly different scenario. It’s the same setup: Sunday, 2 a.m., your marketers and sales reps are snug in their beds, and that same executive is on your website again, checking out your pricing page. Only this time, before she leaves, she sees a message pop up in the corner of the screen:

HereToHelpBot: “Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m here to help. What brought you here to check out our product?”

The executive replies with the problem she’s trying to solve.

HereToHelpBot: “Got it. We can help you with that! There are hundreds of companies using our product for that same reason. Would you like to set ...

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