Chapter 13 How to Send Sales Email Sequences That Buyers Will Actually Engage With

So far in Part III of this book, we’ve explored how sales teams can use messaging (and chatbots built on top of messaging) in order to move leads through their sales funnels at lightning speed. And while more and more buyers now expect to be able to use real-time messaging for communicating with sales teams, that doesn’t mean other business communication channels, like email, have been rendered obsolete. As we explored back in Chapter Seven, in spite of its lackluster reputation, email is still alive and kicking. In fact, according to 2017 research from The Radicati Group, 269 billion emails are now being sent every day, which works out to more than three million emails being sent per second.

Clearly, there’s still an opportunity here for sales teams to use email to start (and restart) conversations with potential buyers. Traditionally, the way we’ve done that is through setting up an email “nurturing” sequence—a series of automated emails that you can enroll people into based on certain actions they’ve taken (such as signing up for a product webinar). For many sales reps, email sequences have been crucial when it comes to proactively reaching out to potential buyers who need a little nudge in order to pique their interest and to get them to visit a company’s website—where they can then have a real-time conversation.

The only problem with traditional sales email sequences: Actually, there are ...

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