Appendix B. Vision Statement

This appendix can serve as a starting point for a vision statement—an aspirational description of what an organization would like to accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future—for a more data-driven version of your organization. The goal should be to highlight where you want to get to, align stakeholders, and stimulate discussion of how to get there. All organizations are different, so tailor it to represent your organization’s true vision.

A thriving, data-driven [Company Name] has a/an:


  • Data leaders actively evangelize data as a strategic asset, leveraged to its fullest to impact all parts of the business.
  • Strong data leadership understands and supports the needs of the business. It supports the analytics staff by providing them with a clear career path, enables them to perform their best, to be happy and productive, and to maximize their impact.
  • Managers expect and rely on data insights to make informed decisions. More generally across organization, data and analytics are deeply embedded into our processes and decisions.


  • There is a centralized set of coherent data sources without any silos.
  • Business units have a sense of data ownership, proactively managing data quality of their sources.
  • There is a broad access to data.
    • Everyone who needs access to data to perform their function, has access.
    • Everyone only has access to the data that they need to perform their function. Sensitive data, such as ...

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