This book is an attempt to capture what we have learned building teams, systems, and processes in our constant pursuit of a data-driven approach for the companies that we have worked for, as well as companies that are clients of Qubole today. To capture the essence of those learnings has taken effort and support from a number of people.

We cannot express enough thanks to David Hsieh for noticing the prescient need for a book on this topic and then constantly encouraging us to put our learnings to paper. We are also thankful to him for creating the maturity model for big data based on the patterns of our learnings about the adoption cycle of big data in the enterprise. At all the steps of the creation of this book, David has been a great sounding board and has given timely and useful advice. Thanks are also equally due to Karyn Scott for managing everything and anything related to the book, from coordinating the logistics with O’Reilly, to working behind the scenes with the Qubole team to polish the diagrams and presentations. She has constantly pushed to strive for timely delivery of the manuscript, which at times was understandably frustrating given that both of us were working on this while building out Qubole. Thanks are also due to Mauro Calvi and Dharmesh Desai for capturing some of the discussions in easy-to-digest pictorial representations.

We also want to thank the entire production team at O’Reilly, starting with Nicole Tache who edited a number of versions ...

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