CHAPTER 8Step 4: The Data-First Marketing Campaign Framework

The Data-First Marketing Campaign Framework focuses on continuous improvement to help marketing organizations achieve the overarching business goals. To truly improve on a continuum, marketing campaigns must be treated as cycles, where marketing teams develop, execute, and then analyze the campaigns to learn what could improve them.

Campaigns represent the meat of marketing implementation, and it's often what external audiences associate with the work of marketing. While strategy and planning are the foundation to our marketing efforts, others see the product of our labors in the content and campaigns we create. But as marketers, we know that the content we develop and the campaigns we execute are a product of the strategy and plan we've created to meet our business marketing goals.

All too often, though, campaign execution does not bolster the overall business goals. There are so many opportunities available to marketers today – between new platforms, new platform features, new ad delivery options, and new creative execution – and there are new opportunities arising every day. Without a solid business marketing strategy and marketing plan, how can a marketer truly know which marketing opportunities present the best bets to achieving the business and marketing goals?

The nine parts of the Data-First Marketing Campaign Framework depicting three main phases: Development, Execution, and Analysis, and each of these main phases has three steps.

FIGURE 8.1 The Data-First Marketing Campaign Framework. ...

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