Chapter 3

Getting and Using Python


Bullet Obtaining a copy of Python

Bullet Interacting with Jupyter Notebook

Bullet Creating basic Python code

Bullet Working in the cloud

Deep learning requires the use of code, and you have numerous language choices available to you. However, this book relies on Python because it works on many different platforms and enjoys significant support in the developer community. In fact, according to the Tiobe Index ( available at the time of writing, Python is the fourth-ranked language in the world and the one that will work best for deep learning, according to multiple sources (see for details).

Before you can do too much with Python or use it to solve deep problems, you need a workable installation. You also need access to the datasets and code used for this book. Downloading the sample code and installing it on your system is the best way to get a good learning experience from the book. This chapter helps you get your system set up so ...

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