Chapter 20

Ten Types of Occupations that Use Deep Learning


Bullet Working with people

Bullet Developing new technologies

Bullet Analyzing data

Bullet Performing research

This books covers a lot of different uses for deep learning — everything from the voice-activated features of your digital assistant to self-driving cars. Using deep learning to improve your daily life is nice, of course, but most people need other reasons to embrace a technology, such as getting a job. Fortunately, deep learning doesn’t just affect your ability to locate information faster but also offers some really interesting job opportunities, and with the “wow” factor that only deep learning can provide. This chapter gives you an overview of ten interesting occupations that rely on deep learning to some extent today. This material represents only the tip of the iceberg, though; more occupations than can fit in this book are already using deep learning, and more are added every day.

Managing People

A terrifying movie called The Circle ( would have you ...

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