David Anderson (Chapter 11) is a Financial Systems Manager at Pinnacle Foods Group,
LLC. From implementations to maintaining systems, he has worked directly and indi-
rectly with Oracle Essbase at several industry-leading corporations since 2004. With
his background in both nance and technology, he brings the customer’s perspective to
managing Essbase environments.
Joe Aultman (Chapter 9) has messed around with computers his entire life and is currently
a Senior Application Engineer at AutoTrader.com in Atlanta, GA. His father, an electrical
engineer, brought his toys home oen (the ones that would t in the car). e handheld
calculator with the red numbers was a favorite. Aultman started his programming career
on a TRS-80 from Radio Shack and enjoyed writing amusing BASIC programs on the Atari
computers on display at Sears. e Commodore 64 his mother bought him still works.
Essbase boot camp was a revelation, partially because of the enthusiasm it excited
in the instructor. Aultman was intrigued that a mere database application could be so
inspiring. at was the year 2000. Now an Essbase professional, Aultman has seen that
same excitement in the eyes and voices of many friends and associates. He considers
himself lucky to do what he does. He can oen be heard to say, even when not asked,
“Essbase is the coolest tech there is.
John Booth (Chapter 1) is the Infrastructure Practice manager for the OBIEE and
Hyperion technologies at Emerging Solutions. He is a contributor to the Oracle
Technology Network and Network 54 Hyperion forums. Booth has over 20 years of
experience with Information Technology. He specializes in infrastructure and these
Oracle EPM products: Planning, Essbase, and Financial Data Quality Management.
Emerging Solutions (Chicago) is a professional services rm helping global and
midmarket rms maximize the benets of business applications by using leading edge
Gary Crisci (Chapter 6) is a Business Intelligence professional with over 17 years of
nance, accounting, and information systems experience. He has held various positions
throughout his career in credit and cash management, nancial planning and analysis,

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