Chapter 3

Shooting Your First Photos (and Movies)


Bullet Setting up your camera for automatic shooting

Bullet Taking your first shots in Auto mode

Bullet Solving focus and exposure problems in Auto mode

Bullet Exploring automatic scene modes

Bullet Trying out video recording

Learning all there is to know about digital photography — heck, learning a hundredth of what there is to know — isn't a quick process. You have so many technical terms and camera settings to consider that it's not possible to sort everything out in a few days or a single read of this book. The good news is that while you're getting up to speed, you can still take great-looking pictures by using your camera's automatic shooting modes, which select most exposure settings and other critical options for you.

Even when you’re shooting in automatic modes, though, you can get better results by following a few guidelines, which I lay out in this chapter. The end of the chapter shows you how to create a basic video recording, assuming your ...

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