Making Front and Back Matter

DocBook contains markup for the usual variety of front and back matter necessary for books and articles: indexes, glossaries, bibliographies, and tables of contents. In many cases, these components are generated automatically, at least in part, from your document by an external processor, but you can create them by hand, and in either case, store them in DocBook.

Some forms of back matter, such as indexes and glossaries, usually require additional markup in the document to make generation by an application possible. Bibliographies are usually composed by hand like the rest of your text, unless you are automatically selecting bibliographic entries out of some larger database. Our principal concern here is to acquaint you with the kind of markup you need to include in your documents if you want to construct these components.

Front matter, like the table of contents, is almost always generated automatically from the text of a document by the processing application. If you need information about how to mark up a table of contents in DocBook, please consult the reference page for toc.

Making an Index

In some highly structured documents such as reference manuals, you can automate the whole process of generating an index successfully without altering or adding to the original source. You can design a processing application to select the information and compile it into an adequate index. But this is rare.

In most cases—and even in the case of some reference manuals—a ...

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