About the Website

Please visit this book’s companion website at www.wiley.com/go/ddinchina, password yong123. The website includes the following documents to supplement the information in the book:

  • Appendix A: Due Diligence Checklists (Word Document)
  • Appendix B: Beyond-the-Checklist Tools and Diagrams (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Documents)

In Appendix A, a list of the checklists used in conventional due diligence is provided. These checklists should provide a guide to conducting conventional due diligence on various focus areas, including Financial, Tax, Operational, Legal, and Environmental.

In Appendix B, a collection of all the tools and diagrams that have been covered in the book are provided, with the aim of producing a set of worksheets that readers may use for their own due diligence exercises. These worksheets are presented in a flow simulating an actual due diligence process, but readers may also use each of these independently for specific areas in their course of due diligence.

It is to be noted that these checklists, tools, and diagrams are created generically, with no specific industry or company in mind for the purpose of catering to all readers. Certainly, they may be used in their plain-vanilla forms to good effect for the due diligence on most types of Chinese (non-SOE) companies. However, if readers are able to customize these worksheets according to the sectors and regulatory premises that the company is operating in, as well as the size and internal management ...

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