Writing this book was more difficult than I thought it would be, but I am really fortunate to have a group of very capable professionals and friends who helped me along the writing journey.

Once again, I am most grateful and indebted to Kelvin Fu and Joshua Lim. This is the second book we have worked together on. They were both instrumental in getting this project sailing smoothly. Kelvin and Joshua helped me tremendously in the structure and content of this book and gave me invaluable suggestions and constructive comments during the writing and editing process. I know very well that they both have sacrificed lots of personal time for this book. In fact, the many methodologies and models used in this book were also the hard work and brain child of Kelvin and Joshua’s field work with me in China, when we went through the due diligence process of many Chinese companies in different cities and sectors. They were the ones who transposed many difficult and complicated due diligence processes into easy-to-understand yet rigorous models that we are still using today. Time has proven that our models worked so well that we do not have a single failure in our investment history in China. I dedicate this book wholeheartedly to these two extraordinary young friends of mine.

I have an excellent research team who helped me in researching all of the case studies featured in this book. I am very thankful to Yeo Zhi Wei and Zhou Peng Hui, who have spent many sleepless nights discussing ...

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