Chapter 1

Why Being on eBay Is So Much Fun

In This Chapter

arrow Finding out about eBay

arrow Figuring out your buying options

arrow Selling stuff for cash

arrow Researching items to buy or sell

arrow Knowing eBay is watching over you

arrow Using features and fun stuff

arrow Getting the scoop on cameras and tools

eBay has emerged as the marketplace of the 21st century. Way back in 2003, Wired magazine predicted that eBay's promise is that “retailing will become the national pastime.” Promise fulfilled: In 2012, e-commerce sales topped $1 trillion. The founder had a pretty great idea back in 1995 (read about some eBay history in the “eBay's humble beginnings” sidebar, later in this chapter), and the world has taken to shopping and selling online. eBay is a safe and fun place to shop for everything from collectibles to brand-new ...

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