Chapter 8. Completing the Sale


  • 57 Track Your Auction

  • 58 Contact the Buyer

  • 59 About Accepting Payments

  • 60 About Accepting Escrow Service Payments

  • 61 About Problem Buyers

  • 62 Ship the Goods

  • 63 Pay the eBay Fees

You’ve created a successful auction: Someone has bought the goods. Now it’s time to complete the sale, which isn’t quite as simple as you might think. You must contact the buyer, arrange for payment, get paid, ship the goods, and pay eBay your seller fees—all the while ensuring that nothing goes wrong and that you don’t get burned. The tasks in this chapter explain how to do it all.

Track Your Auction

✓ Before You Begin

→ See Also


About Selling on eBay


Manage Your Auctions with Auction Sentry


Review and Post Your Auction


After you ...

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