α -Ni(OH)2
nanostructured powder
electrochemical performance, 324–6
cyclic voltammograms, 325
discharge capability rate, 326
α/γ Redox model, 316
AB3 -type compounds, 373–5
AB5 -type compounds, 371–3
accelerated distance protection, 95
actinide-based flow cells, 436
activation polarisation, 403
active distribution networks, 124
active power, 57
active power exchange, 166–7
actual cell capacity, 408
actual cell potential, 403–5
bipolar stack arrangement, 405
function of current density, 404
additives, 317–18, 360–2
discharge capacity as a function of cycle life for electrodes, 362
ZnO/conductive-ceramic nanocomposite, 361
aesthetic issues, 12–13
aged metropolitan core systems, 35
ageing infrastructure, 34–5
alternating current (AC), ...

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