Chapter 30

Leveraging Semantic Web Technologies for Access Control

Eugenia I. Papagiannakopoulou1, Maria N. Koukovini1, Georgios V. Lioudakis1, Nikolaos L. Dellas2, Dimitra I. Kaklamani1 and Lakovos S. Venieris1,    1National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece,    2SingularLogic Software and Integrated IT Solutions, Nea Ionia, Greece

Access control comprises a central concept in ICT security, leveraged for the protection of various resources, including systems, networks, applications, services, corporate assets, and information. It has also emerged as an important mechanism for the protection of personal data, resulting in a family of models referred to as privacy-aware access control. Due to the increasing complexity of the ICT ecosystem, ...

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