We'd like to thank our U.K. editor, Simon Plumtree, for seeing the potential of this project. We'd also like to thank our U.S. editor, Mary O'Brien and her team, Brenda Mulligan, Julie Nahil, Kim Arney Mulcahy, Chrysta Meadowbrooke, Kathy Benn McQueen, and Carol Noble for all their work and support.

Thanks to Dr. Wolfgang Emmerich and John Quinn for their contributions to the work on literate modeling described in Chapter 3. We'd like to acknowledge our friends in iO Software, Richard Hubert, Ronald Steinhau, and Marcus Munzert, without whom Chapter 2 would be considerably shorter. Fabrizio Ferrandina of Zuhlke Engineering has been of invaluable assistance by publicizing our work and introducing us to key contacts.

We have received ...

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