List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

1D one dimensional
2D two dimensional
3D three dimensional
ACA analog computing arrays
ACK acknowledge
A/D analog–digital (converter)
ADC analog–digital converter
AdEx Adaptive exponential integrate-and-fire model
AE address event
AEB address-event bus
AER address-event representation
AEX AER extension board
AFGA autozeroing floating-gate amplifier
AGC automatic gain control
ALOHA Not actually an abbreviation, ALOHA refers to a network media access protocol originally developed at the University of Hawaii
ANN artificial neural network
ANNCORE analog neural network core
API Application Programming Interface
APS active pixel sensor
AQC automatic Q (quality factor) control
ARM Acorn RISC Machine
ASIC application-specific integrated circuit
ASIMO Advanced Step in Innovative MObility (robot)
ASP analog signal processor/processing
ATA AT Attachment (also PATA: Parallel ATA); an interface standard for connecting mass storage devices (e.g., hard disks) in computers
ATIS asynchronous time-based image sensor
ATLUM Automatic Tape-collecting Lathe Ultra-Microtome
aVLSI Analog very large scale integration
BB bias buffer
BGA ball grid array
BJT bipolar junction transistor
BM basilar membrane
BPF band-pass filter
bps bits per second
Bps bytes per second
BSI back-side illumination
C4 capacitively coupled current conveyor
CAB computational analog block
CADSP cooperative analog–digital ...

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