1.6 Links and Documents

1.6.1 Useful Web Sites

Here is a list of Web sites which may be consulted for further information:

  • http://www.3gpp.org/ This is the homepage of the 3GPP consortium. Lots of information can be found here, from details on technical working groups to technical specifications. Access to technical documents is free of charge.
  • http://www.3gpp2.org/ This is the homepage of the 3GPP2 consortium. Access to 3GPP2 specifications is free of charge.
  • http://www.rfc-editor.org/ The RFC Editor is the publisher of the IETF RFC documents and is responsible for the final editorial review. All the IETF RFC mentioned in this book can be found here, free of charge.
  • http://www.openmobilealliance.org/ This link points to the home page of the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance). Specifications of services presented in Chapter 6 of this book can be accessed from this link, free of charge.
  • http://www.itu.int/home/imt.html This address points to the IMT-2000 page hosted by the ITU. General information about IMT-2000 can be found here. In most cases, access to ITU documents is subject to charging.

1.6.2 Evolved UMTS Specifications

(i) The 3GPP Standard Releases

As for many standard committees, 3GPP work is organized into releases. This allows the different groups to work on future evolutions and still allow corrections and bug tracking on previous stable versions. Each manufacturer (either on the network or on the terminal side) has the flexibility to implement any version it prefers. In principle, ...

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