CHAPTER 41Enhancing Power Query Productivity

This chapter offers practical tips for organizing queries and working more efficiently with Power Query. You will also discover a few pointers for optimizing query performance.

Implementing Some Power Query Productivity Tips

Over the past few years, Microsoft has added countless features to Power Query. It has truly become a rich toolset with multiple ways to perform virtually any data transformation you can think of. This growth in functionality has paved the way for a good number of tips that can help you work more efficiently with your Power Query models.

Getting quick information about your queries

All of the Power Query queries that live in a particular workbook can be viewed in the Queries & Connections task pane. Click Data ⇨ Queries & Connections to activate it.

Here, you can get some quick information about a query simply by hovering over it. You can see the data source for the query and the last time the query was refreshed, and you can get a sneak peek of the data within the query. You can even click a column hyperlink to peek at a particular column (see Figure 41.1).

Screenshot displaying how to get quick information about a query at the click of a column hyperlink.

FIGURE 41.1 Hover over a query to get quick information including sneak peeks of column contents.

Organizing queries ...

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