List of Exhibits, Figures, and Tables

Exhibit 1.1. Defining Intensity—THRIVE

Exhibit 1.2. Defining Stretch—REACH

Figure 1.1. The FrameBreaking Model

Exhibit 1.3. Evaluating Your Development Experience

Exhibit 2.1. Categories of Leadership Experience

Exhibit 3.1. The Leadership Challenges

Table 3.1. Examples of Three Development-in-Place Strategies

Exhibit 4.1. Senior Executive Interview Guide

Exhibit 4.2. Example of a Leadership Map

Exhibit 4.3. Examples of Definitions

Exhibit 4.4. Leadership Workshop Outline

Exhibit 4.5. Example of Coding Leadership Experiences

Figure 4.1. Key Experiences and the Lessons They Develop

Exhibit 4.6. What Is Your Learning Potential?

Exhibit 4.7. What Is Your Job Stretch?

Figure 5.1. Key Developmental Experiences ...

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