Page numbers followed by f indicate figures


abstract syntax tree (AST), 101103

abstraction, 125

ACTION function, 6667

activation records, 131132

activation tree, 134

actual parameters, 135

algebraic transformations, 161162

ambiguous grammar, 38

annotated parse tree, 97

array, 112

array references, 112113

translation of, 113114

assemblers, 3

role of, 3f

assignment statements, 107

associativity of operators, 38

AST. See abstract syntax tree (AST)


backpatching, 117118

backtracking parsing, 48

Backus-Naur Form (BNF), 35

basic blocks, 153

algorithm for partitioning of three-address instructions into, 153154

primary structure-preserving transformations on, 160162

role of flow graph in, 154

steps for construction of leaders in, ...

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