Local Fourier Modal Method

Frameworks for FMM and S-matrix method were established in previous chapters. In this chapter, the mathematical generalization of FMM for local FMM (LFMM) is described. The structure to be treated by LFMM is a super-block structure that can be envisioned as a multiblock comprised of multiblocks. Numerous nanophotonic devices such as photonic crystal waveguides and meta-materials can be approximated by super-block structures. LFMM is formulated to analyze Bloch eigenmodes in super-block structures. In Section 5.1, the framework of LFMM is developed and the S-matrix for a single super-block structure is analyzed within the framework of LFMM. LFMM for a single-super-block with three-dimensional permittivity and permeability ...

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