Fourier modal method, 130136

destructive interference between incident wave and surface plasmon mode, 136

EOT suppression, 130

extended Redheffer star product, 133

extraordinary optical

transmission phenomenon, 130136

free space, operating wavelength in, 130

MATLAB code implementation, 130

optical transmission suppression, 130

surface plasmon resonance effect, 130

transmission suppression, 133

transverse magnetic plane wave, 133

local Fourier modal method, 228245

air hole, Fourier representation of, 235

Bloch mode analysis, 239

coupling length, 231

dielectric constants, 236, 238

electromagnetic field distribution, 239, 240

extended Redheffer star product, 245

Floquet modes, 231

Helmholtz wave equation, 231

line defect ...

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