Chapter 10

Going to Boot Camp

In This Chapter

arrow Learning about the coding boot camp experience

arrow Seeing the daily and weekly boot camp curriculum

arrow Deciding which boot camp is right for you

What we face may look insurmountable. But I learned something from all those years of training … we are always stronger than we know.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The words boot camp historically referred to the intense three to four months of training given to new recruits in the armed forces. These programs are famous for their grueling physical tests, direct instruction, and intense motivation. Coding boot camps are not nearly as intense as the military version, but the goal is similar — to train a person with little or no technical skills in a short period of time to be a professional.

This chapter describes coding boot camps, helps you decide whether the boot camp experience is for you, and fills you in on what to do before attending and after graduating.

Discovering Coding Boot Camps

Coding boot camps are classes designed to turn students with little to no programming experience into employable junior-level developers in about three months. Students come from different backgrounds, including grocery ...

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