Page numbers followed by f indicates a figure and t indicates a table.



Adjusting selections, 3132

Adjustment layers, 254, 254f

Ambient Light, 287, 294

Ambient Occlusion (AO), 244251

baking, 248251

faux, 263266

Anatomy of walk, 385

Anchors, 372

Animations, 89, 9f, 359360

curve, 371f

frames adding to length of, 379f

refining, 368

rendering, 398f

workflow, 3

Ankle skin weights, 353f

Antennae, creating, 173f

AO, see Ambient Occlusion

Append to Polygon Tool, 152, 152f

Architectural assets, 119

Architectural polygonal modeling

component level editing, 6667

foundation laying, 5557

project setting, 54

scaling and positioning walls, 6162

Architectural texturing, game level and

beyond color, 251255

Photoshop preparation, 230

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