Appendix A. Downloading and Installing GIMP


  • Downloading GIMP

  • Installing GIMP on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh platforms

One of the really cool things about GIMP is that its free nature makes it incredibly easy to get a copy installed on your computer. The only requirement — besides a computer — is an Internet connection. GIMP works on Unix-based operating systems like Linux and FreeBSD as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS. There's even a community of users at who distribute a version of GIMP that will run from a USB flash drive. There's a direct URI and a bit more information on them in Appendix D, but basically they've made it so you can literally run GIMP on nearly any computer available. How's that for cool?

The most direct route to getting GIMP is by going to and clicking the Download button. Depending on which operating system you're using, the GIMP web site automatically loads a page with information on installing GIMP for your particular machine. Although that's usually enough to get you going, there are a few "gotchas" that this appendix should help mitigate.

Installing GIMP on Linux

If you're using one of the many Linux distributions out there, such as Fedora from Red Hat, chances are good that you may already have GIMP installed and you can probably find it under Graphics in your Applications menu. In fact, rather than going to to download and install GIMP yourself, it's recommended that you install it using ...

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