I’d like to thank my parents for their tough-yet-caring love, and for providing me with everything and anything a son could ever wish for. Thank you for giving me the best chance possible to succeed, in business, and in life.
I would particularly like to thank my dad for his never-ending support, loyalty, advice, constructive criticism, and praise. If not for his unconditional love, this book would have never been started, let alone completed. My dad gave, and gave, and gave, and he keeps on giving, without ever asking for anything in return. Thank you. I love you, and I dedicate this book to you.
I want to thank my mother for her love and her courage in the face of grave illness. Her attitude has been inspirational to many of us, more than she will ever know.
I want to thank the gang at Stanley B. Bell and Company: (the late) Stanley Bell, Craig Bell, Don Tierney, and Eugene Pastore, along with my buddy Mike Devaney, for their selflessness and willingness to teach, tutor, and mentor me during my early years on the trading floor of the COMEX.
I want to thank the guys at Moore Capital Management: Bob De-Franco, James Kelley, Chris Pia, and Zack Bacon, in particular, for their support, loyalty, and willingness to share of themselves in helping me develop as a trader and macro-thinker.
I want to thank the crew at Commodities Corporation: Sandra D’Italia, Kathy Filliponi, Chris Rose, Sandra Kaul, Jim Liu, Will Allen, and especially Randy Rose, for their hard work, ...

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