About the Authors

Victor Lee is Head of Product Strategy and Developer Relations at TigerGraph. His Ph.D. dissertation was on graph-based similarity and ranking. Dr. Lee has co-authored book chapters on decision trees and dense subgraph discovery. Teaching and training have also been central to his career journey, with activities ranging from developing training materials for chip design to writing the first version of TigerGraph’s technical documentation, from teaching 12 years as a full-time or part-time classroom instructor to presenting numerous webinars and in-person workshops.

Phuc Kien Nguyen is a data scientist at ABN Amro Bank in Amsterdam. For the past five years, he has helped develop solutions and machine learning models to combat financial crime. He holds an MSc degree in Information Architecture from Delft University of Technology. Next to his day-to-day job, he writes articles at Medium about data science and network analytics. He has a great passion for storytelling, especially through video games. In his spare time, he loves to play football and catch up with the latest development in technology.

Xinyu Chang is responsible for designing and supporting sophisticated graph database and analytics deployments around the globe. He excels at meeting customer needs with solutions that enable them to achieve better outcomes. Xinyu co-authored the GSQL query language with Dr. Alin Deutsch and others at TigerGraph. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Kent ...

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