Chapter 3

Developing Your Ethical Hacking Plan

In This Chapter

arrow Setting ethical hacking goals

arrow Selecting which systems to test

arrow Developing your ethical hacking testing standards

arrow Examining hacking tools

As an information security professional, you must plan your ethical hacking efforts before you start. A detailed plan doesn’t mean that your testing must be elaborate. It just means that you’re clear and concise about what to do. Given the seriousness of ethical hacking, you should make this process as structured as possible.

Even if you test only a single web application or workgroup of computers, be sure to take the critical steps of establishing your goals, defining and documenting the scope of what you’ll be testing, determining your testing standards, and gathering and familiarizing yourself with the proper tools for the task. This chapter covers these steps to help you create a positive ethical hacking environment so you can set up for success.

remember.eps Always make sure you have approval ...

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