Chapter 11


In This Chapter

arrow Port scanning Windows systems

arrow Gleaning Windows information without logging in

arrow Catching the Windows 8 security flaws you don’t want to overlook

arrow Exploiting Windows vulnerabilities

arrow Minimizing Windows security risks

Microsoft Windows (with such versions as Windows XP; Windows Server 2012; Windows 7; and the newest flavor that many have yet to warm up to, Windows 8) is the most widely used operating system (OS) in the world. It’s also the most widely abused. Is this because Microsoft doesn’t care as much about security as other OS vendors? The short answer is “no.” Sure, numerous security flaws were overlooked — especially in the Windows NT days — but Microsoft products are so pervasive throughout today’s networks that Microsoft is the easiest vendor to pick on; therefore Microsoft products often end up in the bad guys’ crosshairs. The one positive about hackers is that they’re driving the requirement for better security!

Many of the security flaws in ...

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