Working with CSV files with the csv module

In Python, the csv module provides classes and methods for reading and writing CSV files. The csv.reader method creates a reader object from which rows can be read iteratively. Each time a row is read from the file, the reader object returns a list of fields. For example, the following code demonstrates reading the data file and printing rows:

import csvimport oswith open(os.path.join(data_folder,data_file),newline='') as csvfile:   csvreader = csv.reader(csvfile)   for row in csvreader:     print(row)

The rows are printed as a list of field values:

['date', 'time', 'global_active_power', 'global_reactive_power', 'voltage', 'global_intensity', 'sub_metering_1', 'sub_metering_2', 'sub_metering_3'] ['0007-01-01', ...

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