Chapter 8. Deploying Hyperledger Fabric on the Cloud

In Chapter 7, you built an end-to-end blockchain supply chain with Hyperledger Fabric by applying all the concepts from Part III, where you learned how to build, deploy, test, invoke, and maintain Fabric smart contracts. This chapter builds on top of what you learned in Parts III and IV; you’ll put all of your Fabric skills into practice by creating and deploying Fabric applications on the Amazon, IBM, and Oracle cloud platforms. As such, this chapter covers highly practical steps for those interested in moving their Fabric application from the pilot step to production.

This chapter will help you achieve the following practical goals:

  • Setting up Amazon Managed Blockchain for Fabric applications

  • Creating and deploying a Fabric application on AWS

  • Reviewing the IBM cloud platform for building blockchain applications

  • Creating and joining a Fabric network on the IBM cloud platform

  • Reviewing Oracle Blockchain Platform and its offerings

  • Building and running a Fabric application on Oracle Blockchain Platform

We start by reviewing essential features of AWS for building and deploying Hyperledger Fabric and then do the same for the IBM and Oracle cloud platforms. Each platform has its own requirements, considerations, and features necessary for successfully deploying and managing Fabric applications. We follow a concise yet holistic approach, covering practical steps from the ground up—from setting up a network through installing and ...

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