Configuring Hbase for the Cloud

Before we start, let's take a quick look at the supported versions and the prerequisites you need to move ahead.

The list of supported versions is as below:

Hbase Version

AMI Versions

AWS CLI configuration parameters

Hbase Version details


3.1.0 and later

--ami-version 3.1

--ami-version 3.2

--ami-version 3.3

--applications Name=Hbase

Bug fixes



--ami-version 3.0

--applications Name=Hbase



2.2 and later

--ami-version 2.2 or later

--applications Name=HBase


Now let's look at the prerequisites:

  • At least two instances (Optional): The cluster's master node runs the HBase master server and Zookeeper, and slave nodes run the HBase region servers.

    For optimum performance and production ...

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