Chapter 6. jQuery and JavaScript: Luke jQuery, I Am Your Father!

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jQuery can’t do it all alone. Although it is a JavaScript library, unfortunately it can’t do everything its parent language can do. In this chapter, we’ll look at some of the features of JavaScript that you’ll need to create really compelling sites, and how jQuery can use them to create custom lists and objects as well as loop through those lists and objects to make your life much easier.

Spicing up the Head First Lounge

Lucky you, news of your jQuery prowess is spreading far and wide. Check out this email from the Head First Lounge asking for some help to increase the entertainment level for its visitors.

From: Head First Lounge

Subject: Blackjack Application


It’s your pals over at the Head First Lounge. We’re hoping you can help us out with a new application we want to give to our visitors.

We would REALLY like a blackjack application for our site. Can you do that?

Ideally, the player would click and get dealt two cards, with the option to ask for more cards.

Here’s the house rules we would want included in the game:

  1. Ace is ALWAYS high (equaling 11, never 1).

  2. If a player’s cards add up to more than 21, then she is bust and must start again. The game is over.

  3. If a player’s cards add up to exactly 21, then she has gotten a blackjack and the game is over.

  4. If a player’s cards add up to 21 or less, but she has already been dealt ...

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