Chapter 11. jQuery and APIs: Objects, Objects Everywhere

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As talented a developer as you are, you can’t do it all alone... We’ve seen how we can include jQuery plug-ins, like jQuery UI or the tabs navigation to help boost our jQuery app, without much effort. To take our applications to the next level, apply some of the really cool tools out there on the Internet, and use information provided by the big hitters—like Google, Twitter, or Yahoo!—we need something...more. Those companies, and many others, provide APIs (application programming interfaces) to their services so you can include them in your site. In this chapter, we’ll look at some API basics and use a very common one: the Google Maps API.

Where’s Waldo Sasquatch?

Dr. Pattersby and Dr. Gimli want to add some more cool features to their website—think you’re up to the task?

From: Dr. Gimli []

Subject: Some more updates to our site

Hey guys,

Thank you so much for helping make our website more user-friendly and easier to collect data about sightings. We’ve had a substantial increase in traffic, so we’re really excited to look at all the data we’re collecting.

We’ve had several requests to make the information more accessible to the masses. Lots of people are interested in the sightings data, so we’d like to give them a way to see what we’ve collected.

Here’s what we need:

  1. We’d like to be able to select a single ...

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