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Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This

Book Description

The classic guide to creating great advertising now covers all media: Digital, Social, and Traditional

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This has helped generations of young creatives make their mark in the field. From starting out and getting work, to building successful campaigns, you gain a real-world perspective on what it means to be great in a fast-moving, sometimes harsh industry. You'll learn how to tell brand stories and create brand experiences online and in traditional media outlets, and you'll learn more about the value of authenticity, simplicity, storytelling, and conflict.

Advertising is in the midst of  a massive upheaval, and while creativity is still king, it's not nearly enough. This book is an essential resource for advertising professionals who need up-to-date digital skills to reach the modern consumer.

  • Turn great ideas into successful campaigns
  • Work effectively in all media channels
  • Avoid the kill shots that will sink any campaign
  • Protect your work
  • Succeed without selling out

Today's consumer has seen it all, and they're less likely than ever to even notice your masterpiece of art and copy, let alone internalize it. Your job is to craft a piece that rises out of the noise to make an impact. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This provides the knowledge to create impressive, compelling work.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Preface
  5. Introduction: On Being the Second-Smartest Person in the Room
  6. Chapter 1: A Brief History of Why Everybody Hates Advertising
    1. The 1950s: When Even X-Acto Blades Were Dull
    2. “What?! We Don't Have to Suck?!”
    3. The Empire Strikes Back
    4. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Hack
  7. Chapter 2: The Creative Process
    1. Why Nobody Ever Chooses Brand X
    2. Staring at Your Partner's Shoes
    3. Why the Creative Process is Exactly Like Washing a PIG
    4. “The Sudden Cessation of Stupidity”
    5. It's All About the Benjamins
    6. Brand = Adjective
    7. Simple = Good
  8. Chapter 3: Ready Fire! Aim
    1. Before You Put Pen to Paper
    2. A Few Words on Authenticity
    3. The Final Strategy
  9. Chapter 4: The Sudden Cessation of Stupidity
    1. Get Something, Anything, on Paper
    2. “Do I Have to Draw You a Picture?”
  10. Chapter 5: Write When You Get Work
    1. 95 Percent of All Advertising is Poorly Written—Don't Add to the Pile
    2. Writing Body Copy
    3. A Few Notes on Design and One on Thinning the Herd
  11. Chapter 6: The Virtues of Simplicity
    1. Make Sure the Fuse on Your Idea Isn't Too Short or Too Long
    2. A Few Words About Outdoor (Three Would Be Ideal, Actually)
  12. Chapter 7: Stupid, Rong, Naughty, and Viral
    1. The Art of Being Rong®
    2. The Strategic Invincibility of Stupid
    3. “Love, Honor, and Obey Your Hunches”
    4. Build A Small, Cozy Fire With the Rule Books. Start With This One
  13. Chapter 8: Why Is the Bad Guy Always More Interesting?
    1. Platforms: The Mother of Stories
  14. Chapter 9: Zen and the Art of Tastee-Puft
    1. What to Do When You're Stuck
  15. Chapter 10: Digital Isn't a Medium, It's a Way of Life
    1. We Are So Not In Kansas Anymore
    2. Funny, It Doesn't Look Like Advertising
  16. Chapter 11: Change the Mindset, Change the Brief, Change the Team
    1. “We Have Met the Enemy and It is Us” (Actually, It's the Brief)
    2. The Post–Bill-Bernbach Creative Team
    3. Partner with Creative People Who aren't in the Advertising Business
    4. Combine Art, Copy, and Technology
    5. It's no Longer About “the Dude With the Idea”
    6. Unite Storytellers and Systems Thinkers
    7. “Keep the Team to Two Pizzas”
    8. Fewer Generals, More Soldiers
    9. Shut Up and Write
  17. Chapter 12: Why Pay for Attention When You Can Earn It?
    1. Start with What People are Already Talking About
    2. Join an Ongoing Conversation or Jump-Start a New One
    3. Connect People to One Another
    4. Make Things That are Useful
    5. Design Your Ideas to Migrate
    6. Embrace the Warp Speed of the Internet
    7. Do > Invite > Document > Share
    8. Start with More Interesting Questions: Try “How Might We…?”
    9. “Instead of Coming Up with Advertising Ideas, Come Up with Ideas Worth Advertising”
    10. Parting Thoughts
  18. Chapter 13: Social Media Is the New Creative Playground
    1. Mastering Good Social Media Practices
    2. Different Tech Platforms Foster Different Creativity
  19. Chapter 14: How Customers become Customers in the Digital Age
    1. Yes, Content is King (But it Reports to Concept)
    2. As the Screen Gets Smaller, Mobile Gets Bigger
    3. Five Things That Make For a Good Mobile Idea
    4. Bottom Line: Everything is Media
  20. Chapter 15: Surviving the Digital Tsunami
  21. Chapter 16: In the Future, Everyone Will Be Famous for 30 Seconds
    1. Creating the Commercial
  22. Chapter 17: Radio Is Hell, but It's a Dry Heat
    1. Writing the Commercial
    2. The Joy of Sfx
    3. Casting: Boring, Tedious, Essential
    4. Producing a Radio Commercial
    5. Some Radio Spots that Were Funny Before They Were Recorded
  23. Chapter 18: Only the Good Die Young
    1. The Sisyphus Account
    2. The Meat Puppet
    3. Pablum Park
    4. The Koncept Krusher 2000®
    5. The Bully
    6. Hallway Beast #1: The Hack
    7. Hallway Beast #2: The Prima Donna
    8. Hallway Beast #3: Mr. Important Pants
    9. Hallway Beast #4: The Whiner
    10. Hallway Beasts #5 and #6: Wack Jobs and Slash Weasels
    11. Hallway Beast #7: The Hour Gobbler
  24. Chapter 19: Pecked to Death by Ducks
    1. Presenting the Work
    2. Research: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
    3. Protecting Your Work
    4. Picking Up the Pieces
  25. Chapter 20: A Good Book…or a Crowbar
    1. Putting Together a Book
    2. Putting Together Your Site
    3. Taking Your Show on the Road
    4. The Interview
    5. Some Final Thoughts
  26. Chapter 21: Making Shoes versus Making Shoe Commercials
    1. “Advertising: The Most Fun You can have With Your Clothes On”
  27. Suggested Reading
  28. Bibliography
  29. Also by Luke Sullivan
  30. Acknowledgments
  31. About the Author
  32. Index
  33. End User License Agreement