2D solvers, 54

3D integration, 8

3D solvers, 54

4b/6b vector signaling, 349-351


ABCD matrix parameters

conversion between line and wave parameters, 71-73

explained, 69-70

AC noise

low-frequency AC noise, 294-295

measurement (substrate noise case study), 395-397

medium-frequency AC noise, 299-300

accuracy of S-parameter time-domain models, 77-78

adaptive voltage positioning (AVP), 286

ADC-based receive equalization, 445-448

admittance, N-port network parameters, 66-65

aggressor lines, merging, 317-321

Algorithm Model Interface (AMI), 198, 231

algorithms. See specific algorithms

AMI (Algorithm Model Interface), 198, 231

amplification (jitter), 273-277

analysis of variance (ANOVA), 177-178

analysis trends, 4

1990-2000, 5-6

2000-present, ...

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