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Home Networking: A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide

Book Description

The only home networking book you'll ever need

Setting up a home network doesn't need to be difficult. You can use this easy-to-understand reference to set up your home network, secure it, and turn it into an entertainment network. Don't be fooled by other guides-it can be this simple:

  • It's Easy-Set up your home network with this visual step-by-step guide.

  • Quit Wasting Time and Money-Buy the network gadgets and equipment you need.

  • Make It Secure-Use simple tips to make your network secure.

  • Wow the Neighbors-Turn your home network into an entertainment network.

  • What Went Wrong-Fix common problems you might encounter while setting up your network.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. Introduction
    5. Introducing Networking
      1. Why You Want Your Own Network
        1. Big and Scary Networks: The Simplest Introduction You'll Ever Read
        2. Learning How to Share
        3. Headline: Entertainment Network Wows Friends and Neighbors
        4. Summary
      2. Home Networking Basics
        1. The Two Flavors of Home Networks
        2. Hardware Basics: Making Sense of All That Stuff
        3. Software Basics: Details Only a Geek Could Love
        4. Summary
    6. Starting Your Network
      1. Choosing the Best Network Type
        1. What Do You “Need”?
        2. Wired or Wireless? That Is the Question
        3. Wired Networks: Making the Right Connections
        4. Wireless Options: Deciphering the Protocol Soup
        5. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        6. Summary
      2. Selecting Network Hardware: Your Complete Buying Guide
        1. Cost Versus Performance Considerations: It's Your Money
        2. Making Sure It All Works Together: It Depends on Your Connections
        3. Wired Network Hardware: The Nuts and Bolts
        4. Wireless Network Hardware: Nuts, Bolts, and Waves
        5. Setting Up a Mixed Network: Where Wired Meets Wireless
        6. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        7. Summary
      3. Installing Your Network Hardware: This Won't Hurt a Bit
        1. Installing Network Adapters: It's Easier Than You Think
        2. Adding a Switch, a Router, or an Access Point: The Center of Your Network
        3. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        4. Summary
      4. Configuring Your Network: Bringing Everything Together
        1. Setting Up Your PCs: Be a Matchmaker
        2. Setting Up a Router/Gateway: Making the Internet Accessible
        3. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        4. Summary
    7. Enhancing Your Network
      1. Making Your Network Secure: Locking the Network's Door
        1. Understanding Security: You May Not Want It, but You Need It
        2. Limiting Access: Closing the Barn Door Before the Cow Gets Out
        3. Antivirus Solutions: This Won't Hurt a Bit
        4. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        5. Summary
      2. Sharing Your Network
        1. Setting Up Shares: Getting to Files, Folders, and Printers on Your Network
        2. Sharing Your Broadband Connection
        3. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        4. Summary
      3. The Magic of Entertainment Options
        1. Network Entertainment Centers: Spreading the Fun Around the House
        2. Wireless Media Adapters: Connecting More Than PCs
        3. Streaming Media: Movies and Fun on Demand
        4. Internet Radio: Music and News from Around the World
        5. Online Gaming: Go One-On-One with Your Game Console
        6. Wireless Internet Cameras: Your Own Webcam
        7. What Went Wrong: Your Quick Fix Reference
        8. Summary
    8. Index