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How Companies Succeed in Social Business: Case Studies and Lessons from Adobe, Cisco, Unisys, and 18 More Brands

Book Description

Discover how the world's most successful social business leaders are making social media work for their enterprises!

Reflecting the pioneering experience of executives at pioneering companies ranging from Adobe to Xerox, this guide offers a unique, unprecedented insider's view of what it takes to succeed with social business. Dozens of battle-tested corporate practitioners have shared their intimate first-hand experiences in developing, launching and managing social media initiatives to improve customer care, marketing, product development, and other key business functions.

Each chapter, written by a different social media thought leader, reveals their most intense struggles, biggest wins, and hardest-won lessons in social business. These case studies illuminate the differences between "social media for social's sake" and practical use cases that drive real business value.

How Companies Succeed in Social Business delivers specific strategies, detailed tactics, true best practices, and actionable answers to these and other crucial questions about both strategy and tactics:

  • How have other companies been successful, and where have they failed?

  • How do I champion social business initiatives to executives?

  • How do I measure ROI and build a business case?

  • How do I attract and deepen both internal and external participation?

  • How do I integrate social media with my existing technologies and processes?

  • How do I organize internally for maximum effectiveness and efficiency?

  • How will social media impact my people and our culture?

  • How can I optimize our content management processes and systems?

  • What's lurking around the corner? How can I prepare for the future of social business?

  • This is an indispensable resource for all leaders and practitioners in support and marketing, especially those involved with IT, PR, corporate communications, sales, or product development. Applicable to many industries, it will be especially valuable to B2B companies, and those whose offerings have a significant technological component.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Dedication Page
    5. Contents
    6. Foreword
    7. Contributing Authors
    8. Preface
    9. 1. The Building Blocks of Social Business: Leveraging the Power of New Media and Human Connections to Grow Business Value
    10. 2. The Reinvention of a Social-by-Design Business
    11. 3. Don’t Be Creepy: The Right Way to Use Social to Listen to Your Customers and Engage Your Organization
    12. 4. Trailblazing a Successful Path to Enterprise Social Business Transformation at Unisys
    13. 5. 360º Social—A Case Study in the “Socialization” of an Organization: Merging Social Media with Social Events
    14. 6. How to Use Social Media to Solve Billable Consultants’ Nonbillable Dilemma
    15. 7. The State of Enterprise Social Technical Support
    16. 8. The Silent Revolution: How Influencers Are Redefining Social Business Models
    17. 9. From Modems to iPhones: A Digital Life Journey
    18. 10. Top Social Business Challenges and How to Overcome Them
    19. 11. Social Support in a B2B Environment: Lessons from Xerox Corporation
    20. 12. Knowledge Management and the Social Media Revolution
    21. 13. Creating a Culture of Social Care: Using Social Media to Enhance the Customer Experience
    22. 14. Arming your Advocates: Formalizing the Social Media Advocacy Program to Activate Your Biggest Fans
    23. 15. It Takes a Village: Building, Training, and Leading Community Teams
    24. 16. Social Support UNtruths—When Received Wisdom Is Not Wise
    25. 17. When Online and Offline Collide: Harnessing the Power of Mobile and Social
    26. 18. Social Media: From Accessibility to Generation Z
    27. 19. Enterprise Social Media: Science Versus Art
    28. 20. Real-Time Marketing That Customers Actually Want to See from Brands: Stop Trying to be Like Oreo and Start Trying to Be Bloomberg
    29. 21. Bonus Chapter
    30. About the Authors
    31. Index