Editorial Markup

HTML 4.0 introduced two tags that can help groups of authors collaborate in the development of documents and maintain some semblance of editorial and version control. The insert (<ins>) and delete (<del>) tags respectively let you either designate portions of your document’s body as new or added content or designate old stuff that should be replaced. And with special attributes, you can indicate when you made the change (datetime) and a reference to a document that may explain the change (cite).

The <ins> and <del> Tags

The <ins> and <del> tags let authors set off portions of body content that they intend to add to or delete from the current versions of their documents. HTML 4/XHTML-compliant browsers display the contents of the <ins> and <del> tags in some special way so that readers can quickly scan the document for the changes.

Netscape 4 and earlier versions ignore the tags, as did Internet Explorer 4 and its earlier versions. All current popular browsers now support the tags.

The <ins> and <del> tags in action

Figure 3-4. The <ins> and <del> tags in ...

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