Creating Hyperlinks

Use the HTML/XHTML <a> tag to create links to other documents and to name anchors for fragment indentifiers within documents.

The <a> Tag

You will use the <a> tag most commonly with its href attribute to create a hypertext link, or hyperlink, to another place in the same document or to another document. In these cases, the current document is the source of the link; the value of the href attribute, a URL, is the target.[*]

The other way you can use the <a> tag is with the name attribute, to mark a hyperlink target, or fragment identifier, in a document. This method, although part of the HTML 4 and XHTML standards, is slowly succumbing to the id attribute, which lets you mark nearly any element, including paragraphs, divisions, forms, and so on, as a hyperlink target.

The standards let you use both the name and href attributes within a single <a> tag, defining a link to another document and a fragment identifier within the current document. We recommend against this because it overloads a single tag with multiple functions and some browsers may not be able to handle it. Instead, use two ...

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