About Me pages

auction descriptions versus, 153

eBay-intensives About Me pages, 152

family centered pages, 152

informational pages, 153–154

integral designs, 154–155

leaving blank, 148

linking outside eBay, 151

overview, 148–151

pictures, 152

policies, 151

trust, creating, 147–148


consignment selling, 87–89

employees and, 65

importance of, 61–62

third-party tools for, 65–66

accounts. See also IDs

alternate addresses and, 28

multiple accounts, 17–18

registering, 27–28

sign ins, 27–29

Add pictures section (About Me page creator), 150

Add to Favorite Sellers link, 100

addresses, real versus alternate addresses, 28

advanced searches, 108


About Me pages. See About Me pages

banner advertisements. See banner advertisements, ...

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