268 IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes
10.3 Reviewing Cognos reports with Dynamic Query Analyzer
The Content Store view can be used to browse through content held within a Cognos
Enterprise system. A selected content object can be run to produce execution and planning
traces for review.
A report query execution trace is stored on the IBM Cognos 10.2 Business Intelligence Server
and is found relative to the Cognos installation directory under the logs/XQE folders.
A report query execution trace is recorded with the following folder structure and file profile:
FolderName: <Run Date>_<Timestamp>_<ObjectName>
In Dynamic Query Analyzer, a report query execution trace is shown in the Content Store
view as children of the report object. Query Execution traces can also be browsed in the
Report Logs view.
Use the following procedure to generate a report:
1. Open Dynamic Query Analyzer.
2. Select Window Preferences Content Store Open the latest log to have
Dynamic Query Analyzer automatically open the most recent query execution log
associated with a report run. The default preference is to prompt to open the most recent
log that follows a report run.
3. Verify the Content Store view is visible. Select File Open IBM Cognos Portal.
4. In the Content Store view, expand folders Dynamic Cube Reports to browse the
available Cognos content to identify the target report BranchProfileByYear.
5. Right-click the context menu on the BranchProfitByYear report, and select Run Report.
6. The report output is displayed in a new Browser view tab.
Note: In the Cognos Cube Designer, you may also verify the element and member
structure for a dimension hierarchy. Expand the Members folder under any dimension
hierarchy definition to list members in their hierarchical order.
Note: You can also make the Content Store view visible from the Show View dialog:
a. Select Window -> Show View.
b. Select Content Store from the Navigation folder in the Show View dialog.
Chapter 10. Troubleshooting 269
Figure 10-11 shows the Dynamic Query Analyzer Report View.
Figure 10-11 Dynamic Query Analyzer Report View
7. The report execution tree that is associated with the report opens in a new graph view.
Note: A report query execution trace can also be loaded from the Report Logs view.
Display the Report Logs view (if it is not visible) and load a report query execution trace:
a. Select Window Show View.
b. Select Report Logs from the Navigation folder in Show View dialog.
c. Click OK to close the dialog.
d. Browse the Report Logs view by report name and timestamp to identify the
report query execution trace folder.
e. Expand the report trace folder and double-click Profile 0, which is the
execution profile.

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