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Chapter 2. Introduction to IBM Tivoli
Storage Resource Manager
This chapter introduces and positions IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager - its
architecture, components, and functionality.
Tivoli Storage Resource Manager monitors storage assets, capacity, and usage across an
enterprise. Tivoli Storage Resource Manager can look at:
򐂰 Storage from a host perspective: Manage all the host-attached storage, capacity and
consumption attributed to filesystems, users, directories, and files
򐂰 Storage from an application perspective: Monitor and manage the storage activity inside
different database entities including instance, tablespace, and table
򐂰 Storage utilization and provide chargeback information.
Tivoli Storage Resource Manager provides over 300 standardized reports (and the ability to
customize your own reports) about filesystems, databases, and storage infrastructure. These
reports provide the storage administrator information about:
򐂰 Assets
򐂰 Availability
򐂰 Capacity
򐂰 Usage
򐂰 Usage violation
򐂰 Backup
With this information, the storage administrator can:
򐂰 Discover and monitor storage assets enterprise-wide
򐂰 Report on enterprise-wide assets, files and filesystems, databases, users, and
򐂰 Provide alerts (set by the user) on issues such as capacity problems, policy violations, etc.
򐂰 Support chargebacks by usage or capacity

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