Chapter 7. Administering the WebSphere RFID solution 161
Delete reader definitions
You can delete a reader definition at any time; you do not have to remove the
locations associations first.
7.3.3 Agents
The Premises Server comes with agents for all the supported devices, for the
devices that are available
as is, and for other system components and functions.
They include reader agents, I/O agents, controller agents, and filter agents.
Agents perform several functions. They connect I/O device adapters to the
WebSphere Everyplace Connection Server, act as controllers for the I/O
environment, and perform processing appropriate for the device or connection.
For example, the SamsysReaderAgent connects the Samsys reader adapter to
the Connection Server and filters tag information. In a similar way, the
LightTreeAgent controls the number of milliseconds between beeps.
Each agent has a configurable set of properties. Whenever you install a reader,
you should review the default settings of the properties for its associated device
agents. They might be configured to suit your needs. If not, you can modify their
settings. Be sure to refer to Appendix C, “Agents, properties, and values” on
page 253 for a complete list of agents, their properties, and values.
To work with agent properties, click Agent configuration in the Administrative
Console navigation frame. The Edit Agent Properties page displays as shown in
Figure 7-14.
Figure 7-14 Edit Agent Properties page
Note: You cannot edit the Controller value because the association between a
reader and its Edge Controller is maintained in the controller definition. You
must change it there.

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