Hardware Architecture

The GSR is available in three configurations:

  • 12008— 8-slot chassis with a 40-Gbps switch fabric.

  • 12012— 12-slot chassis with a 60-Gbps switch fabric.

  • 12016— 16-slot chassis with a 80-Gbps switch fabric that can be upgraded to 320 Gbps.

Figure 7-1 shows a high level overview of the Cisco 12000.

The following lists the most important components of the Cisco 12000 architecture:

  • Switching Fabric

  • Maintenance Bus (MBUS)

  • Route Processor

  • Line Cards

Figure 7-1. Cisco 1200 Architecture

Switching Fabric

All the Cisco router platforms discussed in this book so far are based on a shared bus architecture. The following items limit bus-based ...

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